The Listening Machine
by Daniel Jones and Peter Gregson

The Listening Machine is an automated system that generates a continuous piece of music based on the activity of 500 Twitter users around the United Kingdom. Their conversations, thoughts and feelings are translated into musical patterns in real time, which you can tune in to at any point through any web-connected device.

The piece ran from May 2012 until January 2013 on The Space, the on-demand digital arts channel from the BBC and Arts Council England. It has now ceased broadcasting.

The Listening Machine was created by Daniel Jones, Peter Gregson and Britten Sinfonia.

How The Listening Machine works
The people behind the piece
Frequently asked questions
The end of The Listening Machine

Though the piece is not currently operational, excerpts from different times of day over a single 24-hour period can be heard below.

System Status

Shown below are gauges displaying the system's current status, based on observing the behavioural patterns.

Please note that The Listening Machine is no longer operational. These gauges display the system's last known status.

1. Sentiment
The average level of emotional polarity: positive, negative or neutral.
2. Rate
The current rate of overall activity, based on number of tweets per minute.
3. Topic
Current activity within specific subject areas.